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“When we founded Helping Hands, over ten years ago, we had a dream to make a difference. Today we have a movement. We have proven that thousands of people together can make a significant change.”

Saul Tomson

Group CEO, Chevrah Kadisha

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Chev Smartcan App

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The Chev Sports Fund

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About Helping Hands

Helping Hands, a young fundraising division of the Chevrah Kadisha,  was launched in 2005 at Jewish Entrepreneurs Insight (JEI), an innovative event held in partnership with Investec. Through this inaugural event, Helping Hands was positioned as both aspirational and professional fundraising brand. JEI has continued annually since 2005 attracting between 600-700 young entrepreneurs and professionals to Investec Bank where the event is still hosted. The partnership and sponsorship from Investec has continued since inception and provided the Helping Hands brand with an extremely positive brand association. We salute the Investec team for their vision and belief in the Helping Hands dream.

It is not the responsibility of a select few to take on board the needs of many. It is our collective responsibility to play a meaningful role in ensuring their needs are met.

Martin Sacks, Founding Chairman of Helping Hands

Helping Hands was founded with the vision that many young contributors, giving on a regular basis, can make a significant difference. To quote the founding Chairman of Helping Hands, Martin Sacks who said at the inaugural Investec event “It is not the responsibility of a select few to take on board the needs of many. It is our collective responsibility to play a meaningful role in ensuring their needs are met.” It is heart-warming to reflect on the past decade and acknowledge the valuable base of thousands of monthly contributors Helping Hands has attracted.

Since then, Helping Hands has innovated bringing new events, products and opportunities to its member base. These include: e-cards, annual social poker event, and year-end events. Cumulatively, Helping Hands has a supporter base in excess of 3000 donors. Our Helping Hands donors have grown significantly in numbers over the past ten years. This group contributes 11% of all Chev donations and most do so via a monthly debit order.

Over the years, we have been grateful to receive increased monthly contributions from our Helping Hands donor base. More recently, we have seen significant numbers of Helping Hands donor becoming Pillars of the Community. This is highlighted by the significant contributions received from donors under the age of 40 (nearly 30% of all fundraising income).

In 2013, the Helping Hands Premier Club was launched. This Helping Hands sub-brand is aimed at providing unique experiences and opportunities to the upper-end of our Helping Hands donor base. Of primary importance is that all these initiatives are fully sponsored, thereby ensuring no donor funds are directed toward these activities.


In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our greater family unit-our Jewish community-the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. We need to make our homes places of refuge from the storm, which is increasing in intensity all about us. The Chevrah Kadisha, OUR Chevrah Kadisha is that home-for each and every one of us, in some way. Through a structured holistic approach, based on economies of scale and exceptional management, the Chev group really does ensure that no Jew gets left out in the storm, while maintaining dignity and respect at all times.

Saul Jassinowsky

Helping Hands Donor

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